Thursday, April 18, 2024

Khama adamant on discipline

President Ian Khama is adamant there will be no respite on his calls for discipline.

“There are certain individuals who have personal interests and they go around blemishing the leadership name and the party, I am still going to reinforce more discipline in the party,” he said.
Khama attacked Motswaledi and other Barata Phathi break-away group members saying they despised him as a leader.

He said they are an undisciplined lot.

He stated that he gave them the chance to recollect themselves but none of them made an effort therefore they went around the media houses tarnishing his dignity and the image of the party, which led to him taking sterner measures against them. Just short of giving names, he took a swipe at Tati East legislator, Simon Guma Moyo saying after he asked him to step down from the cabinet, he went around holding meetings and throwing tantrums.

“I did not dismiss him, but I asked him to step down politely, giving him reasons why he should make such a move. He is now bitter,” Khama said.

He added that he follows the constitution of the Party and those who continue to neglect the party procedures and policies will face the wrath of his disciplinary actions. Khama maintained that he has never been a member of any faction as alleged. He stated that he is the President of the country and greatest chief in the country; therefore factions are meaningless to him. Khama openly challenged members of parliament and councilors who want to cross the floor to the BMD to resign their seats and allow for by-elections so that they prove to the people that they can retain their seats.

He warned those who have left the BDP that the ruling party will continue to win the coming elections.

“I heard that there are some BDP members who have hatched a plan or have been given roles in the new party, but if indeed it is true they will have a problem,” he warned.

 Flashing back on the Kanye Congress last year, Khama pointed out that the disciplinary measures he took against Motswaledi were constitutional because he consulted with Collins and Newman, his lawyers, and they told him that there was nothing unconstitutional with the decisions he made.
“As the President of Botswana, I am supposed to deliver services to the nation, but how can I do that if there are people who continue to tarnish and disturb my efforts,” he said.

Khama mentioned that the opposition parties, including the new party, BMD, have a tendency of telling the electorates wrong information that he formed DIS as a way of bringing fear among the citizens and to kill people. He went on to mention that some of the Barata Phathi break-away group, have always connived with the opposition to try and bring him down and the party. Khama also added that it clearly shows that they can even sell the country.

The massive rally in Francistown South was meant to revive the BDP fortunes.
Francistown is currently dominated by Barata Phathi and there is concern within the BDP that the City will be the first to fall to BMD, thereby reversing the gains made by the ruling party in last year’s General Elections.

The Member of Parliament for Francistown South is Wynter Mmolotsi, who is associated with the Barata Phathi faction, Francistown West is under Tshelang Masisi who is also of the Barata Phathi faction.

Only Phandu Skelemani (Francistown East) is associated with the A-team.


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