Thursday, May 30, 2024

Minister supports Khama on service delivery and discipline

The Minister of Presidential Affairs and Public Administration, Mokgweetsi Masisi, has declared strong support for President Ian Khama’s call on service delivery and discipline, saying that Batswana should bear in mind that the President has the future of Botswana at heart.

Addressing residents of Gerald Location in the Francistown West Constituency on Friday, he said that he has failed to find answers as to why Khama is always castigated when he raises issues of service delivery and discipline.

“Why is it that when President Khama talks about discipline and service delivery, people start castigating and attacking,” he asked.

The Minister went on to say that Khama’s belief on service delivery and discipline is envisaged on the fact that he cares about the future of Botswana and the plight of the citizens. He said that service delivery and discipline are values that are integral in making Botswana a competitive country, adding that government is mandated with making sure that services are delivered to Batswana as efficiently and effectively as possible.

“Service delivery goes hand in hand with discipline, and it is our duty as government to see to it that citizens are given the services they need,” he said.

The Minister also said that Batswana need to take heed of the fact that discipline begins at home, saying that lack of discipline results in calamities such as the escalation of HIV/Aids and road accidents. He said that some countries are developed and successful because of the fact that citizens treat the value of discipline and service delivery as sacred.

“I also want to urge the public servants on service delivery because they are paid to issue services to the public,” he added.

He went on to warn the public servants, saying that they should desist from indulging in politics as it hinders them from doing their duties professionally and ethically. He said that although the public employees are currently at loggerheads with government over salary increment, they should not compromise their duties as this affects the country’s economy.

“We understand that public employees are underpaid, but they should understand that the country simply does not have money as the economy is still ailing,” he said.

He concluded by urging Gerald residents to take advantage of government’s poverty eradication programmes, saying that the government is working around the clock to completely eradicate poverty in the country and to better the lives of all Batswana.


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