Friday, March 5, 2021

Khama locks out Ntuane’s challenger

President Ian Khama has dismissed an appeal by suspended parliamentary candidate for Gaborone Bonnington- South, Christian Nthuba. Nthuba had written to Khama last week pleading with him to consider lifting his suspension so that he can participate in the Botswana Democratic Party (BDP) primary elections. Responding to Nthuba’s appeal, Khama said, “I have considered the detailed representations you made in your letter under reference; however I am unable to find any grounds that warrant any interference with the normal disciplinary process in terms of the party constitution and disciplinary regulations which have been in motion.”

He said accordingly, his request that the suspension be lifted cannot be acceded to. In an interview with Sunday Standard, Nthuba said it was clear that the BDP is no longer interested in primary elections as the party imposes its own candidates. He said Kgotla Aautlwetse and many other members of the BDP who have been cheated in the primary elections are an indication that the party has reverted back to its electoral college. “I have been denied the right to stand.

People of Gaborone West South have been denied the right to choose a candidate of their choice. It is a fact that Botsalo Ntuane is not democratically elected,” he charged. Asked on his next move, Nthuba said, he will have to consult with his campaign team, he said he remains convicted that if he was given a chance, he was going to trounce Ntuane. Nthuba had written to Khama on Monday complaining that he (Khama) was given wrong information that led to his suspension.

In his own version of facts, Nthuba said that as far as he knows, a few weeks ago he had reported to some members of the Central Committee a case in which some people’s names were removed from the voter roll in his constituency. He said when he was still waiting for the response from the central committee; he was surprised to receive the suspension letter from Khama. He said he was surprised to receive a suspension letter instead of a letter congratulating him for whistle blowing.


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