Thursday, June 20, 2024

Khama scared of imprisonment ÔÇô Boko

Umbrella for Democratic Change (UDC) President Duma Boko said at the weekend that he has learnt that President Ian Khama has confided to his close allies that he fears that should UDC assume power after the 2019 General Elections, he would be sent to prison. 

Speaking at a rally in Mabutsane-Jwaneng constituency to launch UDC council candidate Robert Rancho, Boko said he had learnt that Khama goes around telling those close to him that should he (Boko) become the country’s President, he would ensure that Khama is jailed.  

“If indeed he said that, the question is why is he running scared and concluding that he will be imprisoned; the only conclusion that one can arrive at is that Khama knows that he has done something wrong,” said Boko.

He said corruption was rampant in the country because Khama himself was protecting those that are accused of corruption, adding that there is need to expose such issues. 

“I’m not threatening anyone but we should take responsibility when the time comes,” he said. Boko said the economic challenges that Botswana faces is as a result of what he called deficit in leadership.

 Boko accused President Khama of using police officers to spy on the opposition. He said the police were deployed at opposition rallies to take pictures which will be analysed by BDP functionaries. He said the police had no choice but to do as they are told because they are civil servants taking orders. 

“He should be looking into these officers’ condition of service which is getting worse almost every day. But he chooses to send them to come take pictures at opposition rallies,” said Boko. 

He said should the opposition win the general election, Khama will have to answer a number of questions relating to the awarding of tenders at the Botswana Defence Force (BDF). 

“He should also tell us why he is the only one who has keys to Qcwihaba caves,” said Boko. He said the BDP government had ensured that a number of Batswana live in poverty while the country’s resources are enjoyed by a few in close to those in power.

 Boko also cast aspersions on Khama’s educational background. 

“Where are Khama’s educational certificates? Even if you were to enquire among his peers, none of them would attest to his education background. There should be transparency in as far as his educational background is concerned, but the whole thing is shrouded in secrecy,” said Boko. 

He called on opposition leaders to unite saying at one point they had some differences relating to opposition cooperation but that does not mean that they are sworn enemies. 

“Those who write in opinion section of newspapers should debate issues that can bring opposition parties together because come 2019, we will usher in a new government,” said Boko.  Boko pointed out that as the opposition they should unite saying that is what makes them different from the ruling Botswana Democratic Party (BDP).  

At the same rally Boko and BCP President Dumelang Saleshando signed a memorandum of Understanding on future by elections. Saleshando said the Sekoma by election should be used as a yardstick through which the opposition can gauge the mood of electorates as far as opposition unity is concerned. Going forward, Saleshando said the BCP and the UDC will work together. He said while the leadership of opposition parties should take responsibility in opposition cooperation, ordinary members should also embrace each other. 

“Members of the opposition parties should do the honourable thing and respect each other,” said Saleshando. He said “from now on the BDP should not win any by election.” 

BCP Secretary General Kentse Rammidi said that this time around opposition members should have confidence and hope as far as opposition cooperation is concerned.  

“Prior to 2014, the much talked about cooperation talks did not bring the desire results but this time around you should trust us. We have to rescue Batswana from the shackles of poverty that was manufactured by BDP,” said Rammidi.


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