Thursday, July 18, 2024

Khama urges Bakgatla to resolve chieftainship issue

Bakgatla Ba Kgafela have been advised to convene a meeting to address the issue of Chieftainship in Kgatleng.

President Ian Khama revealed at a Kgotla meeting where Bakgatla tribesman had asked the government to reconcile with Bakgatla Ba Kgafela, Kgosi Kgafela II that Bakgatla should convene a meeting to decide on the issue of Bogosi in Kgatleng.

Khama indicated that Bakgatla are the only ones who can come up with a solution to the chieftainship of Bakgatla in Kgatleng. Khama indicated that he was unable to intervene on the issue that was before the courts.

He emphasized that Bakgatla should meet their chief to resolve the issue of Bogosi and recited the old Tswana adage: “Kgosi ke Kgosi ka Batho”.

“It is only you (referring to Bakgatla) who can solve the issue of Bakgatla. The problem is that there are some elders within Bakgatla who are not advising him whenever he does some wrong,” added Khama.

He emphasized that no one is perfect in life and only God is perfect. He informed Bokaa residents that even he himself is not perfect but whenever he has done something wrong, he always listens to criticism and advice.

Khama also indicated that even if he does something that his uncles are not happy with, they come to his aid and advise him on anything that they are not happy about.

Khama said that even Batswana should criticise him if he is doing something that is wrong. He promised Bakgatla that they can meet as Bakgatla and resolve the problem of Bogosi.

He also stated that Bakgatla are welcome whenever they want to engage with the government.

But Khama clearly pointed out that the solution should be theirs not government’s. He told the residents that it was difficult for him to resolve or interfere in the matter since it is before the courts of law, adding that it was not proper since he would be blamed for interfering with the justice system.


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