Monday, July 22, 2024

Bakgatla want back cattle improperly donated to Khama

Councillors in Kgatleng are demanding that former President Ian Khama should return some cattle that had been donated to him during his farewell trip to the area.

Some of the cattle belonged to the community cattle breeding project in Masama.

Councillors say there was no proper permission to give away those cattle as donations.

According to some residents in Kgatleng, about six cattle that were taken from a community project at Masama Livestock Improvement Centre were not properly authorized.

They suspect a decision was taken either by some members of the board or members of the community that is in charge of the project.

 Masama Livestock Improvement Centre is a community project that is aimed at improving livestock breeding in Kgatleng.

Information reaching this publication shows that only two board members approved the decision to donate the cattle without proper consultation with the entire board.

The project that has more than 200 cattle has in the past been a lightning rod of ethical impropriety and maladministration.

Kgatleng District Council Chairperson Mpho Morolong told this publication this week that his council is expected to conduct its own investigation regarding the cattle that were donated to the former President.

He said the local authority intends to mobilize both members of the community and relevant stakeholders to ensure that board members in question resign from the Board in order to pave way for investigations.

“The decision that was taken by the board is tantamount to corruption that has hit this country,” said Morolong.

He said that  majority of councillors were unhappy with how the board conducted itself adding that Kgatleng District Council has no room for such fraudulent activities.    

Ex officio board member councillor Tona Mooketsi said it is true that some of the cattle that were taken from the project were not authorized by the Board.

“Only two board members took such a decision without the consent and approval of the entire board.”

He added that  it is unfortunate that the current board has more than a decade without giving any financial report.

Mooketsi said the community has a right to know how many cattle the projects has as well as challenges that project is facing currently.

Contacted for comment the two board members Phagane Tladi (secretary) and Lesley Matlhaga (treasurer) decline to comment saying that they have not been authorised to speak to the media.

The former President received 10 cows and a bull, 11 goats, seven sheep, P44 000, four ducks, 30 chickens,  paint wall papers, sculptures, 16 chairs and  a traditional chair, among others from Bakgatla.


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