Monday, November 28, 2022

Kokorwe launches multi-pronged modeling, media agency

A unique multi operational talent management, Advertising and film production agency, Instyle Modelling and Media, has been launched as the country’s first of its kind.

Instyle Modeling Agency is owned and run by local filmmaker, Billy Kokorwe, who, after many years of experience in the industry at home and abroad, discovered the need for talent management and the development of the media industry in Botswana.

“My dream is to develop the media industry which currently is not up to standard,” said Billy Kokorwe, the director of Instyle Modeling Agency. Kokorwe said pioneering work has begun in the field of model recruitment, training and management.

“We currently manage 80 multiracial models across the world, including South Africa, United Kingdom and United States of America,” he said.

Kokorwe said a total of 30 models have already received thorough training in different fields of modeling, including fashion modeling, commercial product modeling, commercial corporate modeling, commercial lifestyle modeling and billboard modeling as well as television advertising and etiquette.

He said the A class models are not only beautiful but offer a strength of spirit and mind in the form of a working professionals who are dependable with remarkable presence and delivery.

“The modeling department boasts of dynamic multi racial, diverse and carefully selected models to represent an increasingly globalised market,” said Kokorwe.

Their careers are nurtured and developed by Instyle with an ultimate goal of not only pioneering a marketing and advertising revolution in Botswana but also a well set out endeavor to produce future international super models. The modeling outfit already has a website,

In addition, Kokorwe said the Agency provides training and casting for film and television actors, presenters and comedians, sourcing work for them in Botswana and abroad.

“In an endeavour to further develop the country’s media industry we provide recruitment and career management for freelance film and video production professionals, broadcast journalists, scriptwriters, copywriters, graphic designers, art directors and photographic,” he said.

All professionals registered with the agency will be represented through established marketing strategies and worldwide contacts. The multi operational agency will work with government departments, parastatals and local companies, engaging in television advertising, corporate video production, film location scouting and corporate media training.

“We have state of the art film production and editing facilities to satisfy our growing international clientele,” he said. The agency provides free legal representation and advice to sign up talent through its attorneys who handle contractual and other matters.

Kokorwe said they have begun a revolution in Botswana’s media industry which will culminate with the establishment of an annual film and multi-media festival later this year. Models can be booked by both local and international companies and Advertising agencies for professional work.


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