Monday, October 3, 2022

Kutlwano vow to defy the odds

For the past few years, Kutlwano ladies team have been reduced to a succulent stew by their archrivals, Mafolofolo. Mafolofolo have been the dominant force in every competition be it league or tournament; they have been winning everything on offer.

This year, things might be different in the JB Sports League because Kutlwano are, for the first time, leading the pack with only a game to go.

Interestingly, the remaining game will be against Mafolofolo next Saturday. If they are to win the title, Kutlwano must win this encounter.

Kutlwano started making surprises in the first round when they defeated Mafolofolo 3-2 in a closely contested affair. Many people did not expect Kutlwano to win because Mafolofolo had many industrious players who even make up the bulk of the national team. This then meant Mafolofolo players were always exposed to international tournaments compared to others.

One of Kutlwano’s long serving players, Mmalekgoa Nyambe, vowed that her team would pull another surprise. She said they had to prove that their first round victory over Mafolofolo was not a fluke. She added that their squad, this year, is determined to topple Mafolofolo.

“This year we have a powerful team and I do not foresee anything stopping us from winning the JB Sports League,” declared Nyambe. “We are currently leading the league and that is a motivation on its own. Mafolofolo have to be careful when we meet them. We respect them because they are a better side but they must expect a different Kutlwano on October 28.”

After the first round loss to Kutlwano, Mafolofolo coach Thabo Ntshinogang attributed changing of the team formation as the team’s downfall. This time, he said, he would not take any chances, as he wanted his team to prove that they are the reigning champions.

He said all his renowned players are around and in good shape.

“Volleyball sometimes is an unpredictable game. You might lose or even win where you did not expect. But this time I can promise that we are still going to retain our title because I have worked on all the problems the team had in the previous games. Although Kutlwano are leading us, we have high chances of making it because we have conceded a least number of sets compared to them,” he said.

Leading the onslaught for Mafolofolo would be veteran Josephine Ntshinogang and nimble Reatile Jaba. Wing attacker Dipolelo Nkele is also one of the players who never gave her opponents an easy time.


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