Friday, July 12, 2024

Lady Khama Charitable Trust Family Fun Day brings families together

The annual Lady Khama Charitable Trust Fun Day took place at the Botswana Crickets Association Oval this past Saturday, July 28th. The event attracted a large crowd, and had a line-up of various activities such as a cycling competition, prize giving and an obstacle course. It was hosted and organized by The Lady Khama Charitable Trust. Its main objectives are to raise money for beneficiaries of the trust, promote the existence of the trust, and to bring families together to share in a joyful experience.

The day was lively and festive, and brought a crowd of all ages. The money raised was not for a specific charity but rather for any charities that wished to apply to receive funds from the Lady Khama Charitable Trust. The Family Fun Day began 7 years ago, and was mainly promoted as a sporting event to raise funds and bring different families together. Dale Ter Haart, a grandson of Lady Khama and one of the organizers of the event, told Arts and Society that through the years it continues to grow bigger and better.

“This year, specifically, we’ve made the children’s area much bigger and we’ve shortened the obstacle course. We’ve also added more areas of interest and more activities.” He also commented on how beneficial recent increases in sponsors have been for the event. “An increase in sponsors has meant that all of our costs are now completely covered for us. We don’t have to put out any of our own expenses and so all of the money raised goes straight to our beneficiaries. This has definitely been helpful.” 

The main mission of the Lady Khama Charitable Trust is “Dignity For All”. Ter Haart says they want everyone in Botswana to live with dignity, respect and equal opportunity.” He also talks about what the Family Fun Day means to him personally. “It’s done in my grandmother’s name. Botswana has given us so much, and so the Family Fun Day is a wonderful way to return the favor.” 

The Lady Khama Charitable Trust’s future events include a Triathalon in September, and a Golf Day in October. Both of which will be used to continue raising funds for the trust and its beneficiaries.


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