Friday, July 19, 2024

Law Society vows to disgrace sluggish Judges

The Law Society of Botswana (LSB) chairperson, Kgalalelo Monthe, says they will soon put out a list of judges whom they say delay judgements in cases. Speaking recently at the opening of the Legal Year, Monthe said the reason behind this move was to avoid a situation whereby the “entire Bench is painted with one brush,” ÔÇô a situation he says is very unjust.

“It is common cause that such practice above does not apply to all the Judges. It will therefore be proper to name the concerned Judges and not paint the entire Bench with one brush,” said the concerned Chairperson.

Explaining further on the measure, Monthe said the Society decided to publish a “hit-list” of sluggish judges, especially Judges whose judgments are delayed beyond the 90 days from the time that the case is brought to a close.

Said Monthe, “The 90 days is a measure that the High Court has set for itself for delivery of judgements. The Society will publish details of the cases indicating dates when the matter was concluded as well as the name of the concerned Judge”.

Amongst other things, he said the Society has noted with disdain how the delay in delivery of judgements over the years has become the new norm. “A demand by the Chief Justice Maruping Dibotelo as administrative head of the Judiciary that a Judge should deliver a Judgment in a timely manner, cannot by any stretch of imagination amount to judicial interference as he does tell the Judge how to decide a matter.”

He also said the delays are detrimental to litigants.


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