Monday, July 4, 2022

Lawyer deserts former Miss Botswana in court

Embattled former Miss Botswana, Alimah Kagiso Anderson, was Wednesday granted leave to hunt for another defence attorney by the Broadhurst magistrate court following her unceremonious dumping by renowned lawyer, Jaoa Salbany, for yet another marathon, high profile multi-million pula Daisy Loo case.

Anderson was left in the lurch at the 11th hour Tuesday morning with Salbany insisting that he was engaged in another urgent hearing at the High Court but no sooner had he withdrawn from the case than he joined a defence crew in a controversial high profile Daisy Loo case next door, leaving the former Miss Botswana in the legal wilderness to defend herself the entire day.
With stacks piled against her, Anderson feebly clamoured for legal representation on Wednesday.

“This court recognizes and acknowledges the importance of the right to have a legal representation as stipulated in the constitution. This court, therefore, grants the accused time and permission to seek an attorney. She is reminded of her right to choose any legal representation of her choice including her former attorney. However, with regards to the latter, she is advised to warn him against the ‘delaying tactics’ that he seems to be employing”, stated Broadhurst principal magistrate, Nehemiah Mugoni, before excusing the depressed Anderson from the dock to comb for an attorney.

It all started Monday morning during mention to confirm trial dates when Salbany pleaded with the court to alter fixed trial dates scheduled for the following day to accommodate him as he said he had to attend to pressing hearings at the High Court. But Mugoni adamantly refused to oblige arguing the request arrived at the wrong time.
Moreover, the case has been delayed and pending for a long time.
The magistrate insisted he would continue with the case with or without the attorney.

On the trial date of Tuesday morning and seeing that his demand would not take him anywhere, Salbany attempted another route, this time around asking the magistrate to recuse himself from the case.

Still, magistrate Mugoni would not budge and insisted the case resume forthwith.
Vexed, Salbany thus withdrew from the case leaving the former Miss Botswana in the cold.

Salbany’s pressing High Court hearings turned out to be the Daisy Loo case being heard next door for which he was the defence attorney.

Alimah Kagiso Anderson, 30, faces six charges, which include, among others, forgery and obtaining credit by false pretences.

In the latter charge, Anderson is said to have on July 30th 2007 incurred a debt with Kingdom Finance Bank by obtaining, falsely, credit to the sum of P523 050 on the pretext that the credit was a loan to purchase food from Green Glass Botswana Pty Ltd and supply shops in Green Bull Pty LTD, Choppies Cash and Carry, Japarino Ventures, T/A Chopppies, Multi Save Super Store and Eureka Gaborone when, in fact, she knew the information to be false.

Forgery and obtaining by false pretences carry maximum sentences of seven years.
Anderson came into the limelight at 20 as Alimah Isaacs in 1999 when she scooped the coveted Miss Botswana title and participated in the Miss World contest in the Seychelles.

During her reign as Miss Botswana, she was involved in the motivational talk shows across the country, spearheading and preaching good morals.

Ironically, almost nine years down the line, she is allegedly accused of unscrupulous behaviour ÔÇô forgery and obtaining by false pretences.
The case is scheduled to resume on September 1st -3rd while mention date to confirm the securing of an attorney is May 16th 2008.


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