Saturday, March 2, 2024

Le Afrika: From Botswana to the rest of the globe via the internet

More retailers across the globe are catching up to e-commerce and therefore it comes as no surprise that more businesses in Botswana are also resorting to doing business online due to the Covid-19 pandemic. Since being declared a pandemic in early 2020, Covid 19 has forced many people to minimize physical interaction.

Trade experts now say it makes more sense for businesses to now jump on the online bandwagon to salvage their market presence and sales, given how the pandemic has disrupted business operations.

Already there is an increasing number of internet users in Botswana. According to DataReportal there were 1.12 million internet users in the country by January 2021. The number of internet users in increased by 22 thousand between the year 2020 and 2021. There is also a sizeable 1.20 million social media users in the country according to the same report.

Le Afrika – a 100 percent Botswana grown beauty brand, family owned business which was incorporated in 2019 has made an early lead into the digital retail space.

Le Afrika which means “an African” pride themselves with a wide range of organic products. Their main products being the Shea butter and Black soap are imported from Northern Ghana, and packaged in Botswana. These are 100% vegan, organic, additives free, cruelty free, chemical free and eco-friendly products.

Black soap is a centuries old beauty secret from West Africa that is used for improving acne prone skin, skin irritation and helps minimize appearance of scars and fade dark spots. Endowed with rich natural ingredients, this antibacterial soap deep cleanses and exfoliates and it is a natural moisturizer that leaves skin feeling soft, toned and supple for a bright natural glow.

Shea butter is used to heal, protect and nourish skin. Its therapeutic properties protect the skin from the wind, sun, cold and other weather conditions helping restore and protect the skin’s natural oils. The shea fruit is naturally rich in fatty acids and anti-ageing vitamins A, E and F that provides antioxidants and assist with natural sunscreen protection.

The company is spearheaded by Lisa Kasale as is its Managing Director. In her role, Kasale has already ensured that the company’s organic products get a certification not only from the Botswana Medicines Regulatory Authority (BOMRA) but also gets registered by the Ghana Standard Authorities. Le Afrika also holds a Pride Mark Certificate under Botswana Investment Trade Center (BITC) for purposes of packaging, promotions and branding materials. And through the #PushaBW initiative by the Government, they have since employed over 25 Sales Agents around the country.

In August 2021, Le Afrika launched a new online store with an intention of expanding its customer base locally and globally by marketing and promoting the eco-friendly products.

“We want you to experience a safe and hassle free online shopping at your finger-tips at the comfort of your home. Be it at 2am or 2pm, you may now browse and window shop online our nutritious healthy products with just one click away”, says Kasale.

She notes that even though they are relatively new in the online space they have had inquiries and a few online sales locally.

Kasale says the company’s online store layout is simple and user-friendly whether a customer is shopping from their phone or computer. They also have several payment methods that are available and convenient for the customer.

She says they still have their products in a few retail stores and Pharmacies country-wide which they intend on keeping.

Meanwhile Kasale says they continue to receive positive reviews from their customers with many expressing that the products leave their skin feeling moist and rejuvenated due to their organic nature.


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