Friday, August 12, 2022

LEA, MoESD unite to make entrepreneurship education available

The Local Enterprise Authority (LEA) and the Ministry Of Education and Skills Development (MoESD) signed an agreement of mutual cooperation to address entrepreneurship education in Botswana.

The two entities have gone down the education line to inculcate entrepreneurship mindset, making entrepreneurship education available to young people and learners.

“Entrepreneurship and education are two extraordinary subjects that need to be leveraged if the country is to develop the human capital required for building Botswana’s future,” said Dr Tebogo Matome, the chief executive officer at LEA.

The agreement envisages the importance and the power that entrepreneur education has in developing the skills that generate an enterprenual mindset.

“We want to come up with programmes that enhance the future of our scholar and economic prospect of this nation,” he said.

The high levels of unemployment in youth globally require an emphatic response. Matome said entrepreneurship education can be a societal change agent and a great enabler in all sectors.

“We need to change gear and produce graduates who will create employment opportunities through self employment and entrepreneur ventures,” he added.

The agreement will benefit the current and future students and staff of secondary schools and technical and vocational institutions of the ministry and LEA clients.

The curriculum of the institutions of leaning will now be aligned to produce graduates who are attuned to the needs of modern economy, where entrepreurship is a real choice.

Plans are underway to move entrepreneurship from the perimeter of education system to the core and centre of the system.

“We are planning to bring the industry closer to the vocational institutions through the system of attachments, where students will be attached at LEA SMME’s during vacations,” said Matome.

Matome highlighted that encouraging entrepreneurship is not just talking point for tourist and business theorists, it is a very serious challenge that Botswana must meet in order to achieve sustainable economic growth and diversification.

The Deputy Permanent Secretary in the Ministry of Education, Dr Moko, said the agreement will systematically prepare students by the time they leave institutions of education to be fit for the industry. He added that they will facilitate in the placement and attachment of final year students and staff under MoESD with LEA SMME’s.


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