Monday, September 25, 2023

Lengau Wine raises its glass to growing number of wine lovers in Botswana

When the fashionistas speak ‘Prada’ and the wine connoisseurs speak, ‘color, swirl, smell, taste, and savor,’ the language of wine tasting which Batswana will get to indulge in next weekend at the Gaborone International Convention Centre Glass Marquee courtesy of Lengau Wines. Botswana will be hosting the 5th DGB Wine Trade Show.

Speaking at a media briefing, Lengau Wine Company General Manager, Herman Kuhn said he had seen tremendous growth in wine consumption and understanding by locals. Kuhn further stated that more Batswana were moving  towards wine as a choice of alcoholic beverage because of events like the wine trade show and the various wine tasting activities.

To fully appreciate the taste, texture and aroma of wine it has to be paired with the right kind of foods which accentuate the different flavors from each sip. At this year’s show, Kuhn explained that they will teach attendants how to pair their wine specifically with chocolate.

Wine and chocolate, sounds romantic and a little bit impossible however, one of the connoisseurs at Lengau, Violet explained that, “It is a matter of choosing the right wine to compliment the right chocolate and they can represent amazing pairing opportunities.” Violet further stated that people often bulk up wines when pairing and run along with the myth that white wine pairs well with the chickens and fishes, whilst red wine is for the red meats, failing to consider how the dishes are prepared, how they are flavored and their texture.

It may just be easier to pair wine with food than it is with chocolate so to attain the perfect pairing one is advised to keep things simple. Because both wine and chocolate have dominant tastes they are often considered to be fighting for palette space if they are mismatched.

At the festival attendants should be on the lookout for the following pairings; white chocolate with ports, Milk Chocolate with the Sherries, aged ports and Rasteau. The caramel chocolate are said to go best with Sherry and port as well whist the dark chocolate with Maury, Vin Santo and the late harvests.

Lengau wines will boasting a vast array of different wines of different colours and hopefully those who attend will learn that a bottle of wine does not automatically mean a bowl of biltong or a pack of macadamia nuts. 


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