Friday, March 31, 2023

Lizibo steals the show at ‘I am Legend’ concert

The saying dynamites come in small packages was proven true this weekend as Afro-pop crooner Lizibo Simon not only impressed his fans but also managed to add even more fans to his fame. The young man stole the audience’s hearts when he performed at an event dubbed ‘I am Legend’ this past weekend which was held at the newly built Molapo Piazza.

The show which celebrates music legends that have made a mark for themselves within a short period of time managed to attract large crowds of people. Although the show featured other prominent names in the music industry including the likes of the talented Jazz legend Don Laka, South African acapella trio The soil, Vusi Nova, Mmaphala and Lizibo, many attendees however could not stop showering Lizibo with praises for a job well done.

Before even starting his performance, the crowd was already screaming at the top of their voices and the minute he started his set, many were already over the moon. Lizibo began his set with a gospel song which was received well by attendees as they sang along with him; this gave him confidence as he started doing magic on stage. He showed off his dancing skills to the fans’s amusement. For a moment, many had forgotten that he was not the only performer who was to perform on the night as the crowd screamed ‘Encore’ when he stepped off stage.

Speaking to Lizibo later on, he added that he always brings God to all his performances as He is the one who helps him to give the crowd a stellar performance. “I was honoured when I was invited to come perform at this show alongside artists that I respect. I told myself that I have to show my true potential and perform to my absolute best,” he said.

He added that he and his team have been preparing for the show ever since they heard they were part of it. “We wanted the choreography, attire and our singing to always be on point throughout our performances. I believe resolutely that we achieved that goal judging by the crowd’s reactions.” he said.

Other artists who had people eating out of their hands were Vusi Nova and South African acapella trio, The soil, who were also requested to come back to stage by the crowd. The organiser of the event Thabo Letshwiti said he was pleased with the success of the show and the large turn up of people. “I believe we managed to achieve our objectives of making a great music experience not only for the performers but also their fans as they got a chance to see their favourite music pioneers of different genres under one roof doing what they know best,” he said.

He added that the aim of the show was to provide a platform for local artists and their regional counterparts to share knowledge and for local audiences across generations to share one stage.


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