Tuesday, November 28, 2023

LLR Limited donate science lab and sports equipment worth P80 000 to Ramotswa School

As a way of developing and supporting the community the Botswana Stock Exchange listed company, LLR has donated the science lab and softball equipment. The school authorities and students received the donation with open arms and gratitude.

“This donation by LLR will add a major impetus and improve the academic standards in our school. The science lab equipment will improve the performance of our students,” said the school headmaster, Petrus Mosomane .

He noted that the school is currently working on a Performance Improvement Strategy to improve the school pass rate which has been fluctuating over the years.

“Through this partnership we hope to improve our academic results. We are really grateful for what LLR has done for us, it means a lot to the students and the community. We hope that this relationship grows,” Mosomane expressed

This is not the first time LLR donates to the school, the company has previously donated P15 000 towards the school’s prize giving ceremony.

“We know that once we supported students here, the Bamalete community and Batswana in general will ultimately benefit from the assistance. The results may not be immediate but, sure as day follows night, they will come. As any educator who has been in the profession for a decent length of time will testify, seeing your students rise to success in the world out there is one of the true joys, pleasure and beauty of being a teacher,” said LLR Chief Executive Officer (CEO) Chikuni Shejere- Mutisiwa.

He noted that LLR had to closely assess the areas in which the company could make a meaningful and immediate impact

“For Ramotswa JSS to attain its academic target, which we have learnt, is 55% quality pass, we needed to see how best to collaborate to attain it. This is how we settled on these interventions such as procuring relevant learning materials which address objectives that are learner focused,” said the LLR CEO Chikuni.


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