Monday, July 22, 2024

Loads of Living – affordable deco for new homeowners

Loads of Living, a leading deco store which creates a better everyday life for many people, especially the young generation, continues to provide the most elegant, contemporary and modern designs of good quality products.

This store offers a wide range of modern well-designed furniture, functional home furnishing products, at prices so reasonable that many people would be able to afford them.

“The full range of furniture that we have includes bedroom and dinning room suites, sitting room and outdoor furniture, and the functional home furnishing products which include curtains, linen and kitchen-ware. We also have the life style products which include, cushions, towel and blankets,” says Cassim Desai.

Rather than selling expensive home furnishing that only a few can afford, Loads of Living has created a concept where by it serves the many by providing reasonably-priced products so as to help many people live a better and more comfortable life in their homes.

Loads of Living does not only provide well-designed functional home furnishing products they also do wedding gifts.

“You just come to the shop and choose what you want and then we make you nice baskets of the presents chosen,” said Desai.

What makes Loads of Living different from other shops is the fact that it does not believe in high purchase. This means that the price you see is the price you pay. The type of material that they use for their furniture also plays a part in differentiating them from the rest.

“Our furniture is made of Siligna wood which is the hardest wood ever, and we always colour it in any colour that the customer wants, be it mahogany, Imbuya or ebony. We also give two-year guarantee on all the furniture that we sell,” says Desai.

Though Loads of Living products appeal to a wide range of individuals, Desai said that it appeals even more to young people. “All that I am doing is to provide a trendy lifestyle for young Batswana,” she stated.

Loads of Living also provides total interior deco options for new and existing homes. Key furnishing projects undertaken include Eagle Nest in Phakalane.

Loads of Living has an affordable easy term to pay as well as special discounts with selected banks.


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