Friday, February 23, 2024

Lobatse Intelligence officer allegedly linked to death of girlfriend

An intelligence boss based at the Lobatse offices is expected to appear in court soon on a charge of Procuring Abortion.

In June last year, a family at Mogotlhwane was hit by a tragedy as one of their daughters passed away after allegedly being persuaded to commit an abortion by her boyfriend who is said to be a senior officer running the Lobatse intelligence office.

The allegation is that the intelligence officer assisted his girlfriend, who is now deceased, with money to visit a private hospital in Gaborone to commit abortion but the girlfriend allegedly preferred traditional doctors at White City.

The botched abortion allegedly caused heavy bleeding leading to the death of the woman.
Woodwall Police Station Commander, Joseph Louw, said, “I can confirm the incident because some official document from Athlone reached my office that a 32-year-old lady of Magotlhwane died while trying to commit abortion in Gaborone but I can’t say that somebody from DIS had a link to the killing because the case was removed from us to Gaborone where the offence took place.”

He decline to give details of how the incident happened except to confirm the death.
Gaborone Central Police Station Commander, Superintendent Kevin Mookodi, confirmed registering a case of a DIS officer who is somehow linked to the death of a woman from Magotlhwane, who died at Athlone Hospital in June last year after trying to commit an abortion.

“Police investigations have been completed,” said Louw. “The post-mortem report and names of possible witnesses have been forwarded to the Directorate of Public Prosecution for assessment.”
He added that the accused has been charged with the offense of procuring abortion, not murder.
Louw said the DPP officials are the ones who decide whether or not to prosecute.

“But what I can tell you is that our investigations are complete and the docket has been sent to them,” he said.


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