Monday, July 15, 2024

Local artist makes inroads in Canada

Canadian based Trinity Moletlanyi Mphoeng is a song writer, composer, recording artist, jazz singer, entertainer and stage performer. Having lived in Canada for a couple of years, Mphoeng told Lifestyle about his desire of wanting to be an ambassador for Botswana culture on the international platform.

Most of his songs are in his mother tongue Sebirwa. “I love my homeland and music is an integral part of who we are. I wanted to share that music with the world,” says Mphoeng.

Explaining how his music was accepted, Mphoeng says the reception of his music in Canada has been amazing, stating that it makes no difference that he sings in his native tongue because music is the language that is understood globally.

With so many cultures being represented and embraced in Canada, each culture has its own personal niche. “The market in Canada is infinitely different to the market in Botswana, therefore I continue to work at breaking down the genre barriers,” Mphoeng says.

Internationally, the jazz singer has worked with the talented Canadian and Juno Award pop winner, Tomi Swick. “We did a song together called Wilderness and we are looking forward to getting in the studio sometime,” he says. According to Mphoeng, he also did some work with Kobena Aquaa- Harrison, who is an African Canadian and a multi award winner as well. In Botswana, Mphoeng has shared stage with almost all the jazz musicians including the likes of Nono, Punah, Shanti-Lo, Kearoma Rantao, Nnunu, Tshepo Lesole and Joel Keitumele.

His album entitled Theohang was well received in Botswana. His focus is now on building his brand with his management.                                                                                                                                 “I want to represent my music, my culture and Botswana in the most positive way. Step by step I am bringing Botswana to the world,” Mphoeng says.

‘I am getting ready to shoot my new music video. It is a wonderful concept video. It is unlike anything I have done before. I have an award winning filmmaker directing it and i am very excited. I won’t say anything more in order to surprise my fans,” he added.


Mphoeng recently won The World Music Artist of the year for African entertainment awards. Before that he was nominated for The Best African Style Artist by the Black Canadian Awards. “I am my own driving force, I compete with myself, I have very strong intrinsic motivators that keep me going day and night,” he says.


Mphoeng will be coming back home in December and is ready to mesmerise the crowd at the upcoming Hamptons Jazz Festival slated for February 27th, 2016.


“Thank you to those who continue to support me in my music career globally. To my people in Botswana, let’s continue to support our local musicians; our population is so small, but let us not limit the success of our wonderfully talented artists and our growing entertainment industry,” Mphoeng reiterated.


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