Sunday, June 23, 2024

Local comedy takes top spot as they outshine SA comedians

Local comedy seems to be making positive strides and growing in leaps and bounds. On Saturday, at the Boipuso Hall, a show dubbed Strictly come laughing proved beyond a reasonable doubt that local comedy is budding as it managed to attract a large crowd. The show also featured some of the best South African comedians including the likes of Kagiso Lediga, David Kibuuka and Tats Nkonzo.

Local comedians who were featured, however proved that they also have what it takes to bring entertainment to the audience. Ribcracker, Phenyo and Mawee managed to wow many with their endless jokes, and in the process, outshining their visitors. The curtain opener for the night was young Mawee who not only managed to show his ability to even make a sad person smile but also set the bar high for other comedians who were to follow him. The multi-award winner in the local comedy, Oefile ‘Mawee’ Mokgware left lovers of standup comedy in stitches with his witty and hilarious punch lines. He sure left a lasting impression not only to the audience, but other comedians who could not stop showering him with praises.

The next performer was David Kibuuka who is famous for his television appearances and film work including having played the lead in the hit local movie Bunny Chow. Sadly, Kibuuka’s performance did not manage to wow the audience. Kibuuka only managed to impress a few people with his jokes, while the majority of the audience failed to decode his jokes. The audience’s boredom was however saved by yet another local comedian Phenyo ‘The Master’ Phaladi who had many eating out of his hand. ‘The Master’ proved to be a force to reckon with, belting out witty and humorous punch lines that left the audience in stitches. He not only cracked jokes about the economy of Botswana but also made jokes about real life situations which left many people asking for more.

Phenyo is also reported to be doing very well outside the country. He recently received a standing ovation upon finishing performing at Taliban in Ga Rankuwa, South Africa.

Tats Nkonzo however seemed to own the stage as he not only brought more than laughter on the plate but also displayed his ability to sing. The comedian had many begging for more as he showed that his humour and intellect are the reason why he chose the career as a comedian.

Finishing off the set was award winner Kagiso Lediga who is also famously known as an actor, producer, writer and television presenter. Although Lediga left many in stitches, many were of the opinion that delivery was too insulting and this did not go well with the sensitive audience.


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