Sunday, March 3, 2024

Local creative entrepreneur, Mothusi Lesolle, shares the positive impact DStv has had on his career

In a world where content is king, the way it’s delivered and the impact it has on the customer, is the monarchy. With a vision to be Africa’s leading provider of entertainment, for the MultiChoice Group, entertainment is not where it ends; to entertain, inform and empower the communities that inspire and build us in return are the defining principles of the business, and customers like Mothusi Lesolle, a Motswana creative extraordinaire,  are a prime example of how this vision comes to life.

Mothusi Lesolle, a DStv customer for over 30 years, both independently and by virtue of his childhood viewing through his parents’ subscription, shares how, in his own life, DStv has transitioned from a source of entertainment to a source of inspiration. “Growing up, television was the cornerstone for our family time. Whereas some would argue and say that television can have a negative impact on a child due to overexposure, for myself and my siblings it was more of a root to the aspirations I would later come to develop in my adult life,” says Lesolle. “In a country that, at the time, was still developing, being exposed to life outside of our borders, different cultures and experiences peaked my interest in wanting to see and be more, and this is definitely reflected in the career choices I’ve made today. Soapies such as Santa Barbara and the Bold and the Beautiful, which we would gather and watch as a family on M-Net, exposed me to a lifestyle which shaped and formed a lot of my current passions.”

Today, Mothusi still credits DStv as being a staple in his creative process. Mothusi currently juggles a career in fashion as the Creative Designer of his own label, iZaura, as well as a career in entertainment as a radio presenter and one in the world of digital marketing as a content creator. “In my line of work, which is mainly fashion, I simply cannot afford to not have access to Live TV. Though there may be other options in the market in terms of great content, my daily inspiration comes from what is current and what is brought to us in real-time, and that is the value that DStv brings for me. For example, social media and other content platforms will never replace the significance of watching a live awards show and Red Carpet fashion shows on E! Entertainment Television, which is a jackpot of creative inspiration in my industry.”

It is against this background that, despite the economic challenges that the past year has brought most creatives, Mothusi included, that subscribing to DStv did not take a backseat on his list of priorities. “Of course, as much as I wanted things to remain constant in my life, the reality of the situation is that a lot of my decision-making with regards to spending had to change,” Lesolle commented. “The beauty, however, with DStv is that this did not mean I had to stop the service altogether. The fact that I was able to downgrade at times where I was required to be more frugal with my spending allowed me to continue enjoying television at a time when I absolutely needed it. It was important for me to still be able to connect with the rest of the world, and to still receive that inspiration that the variety of content offered on DStv brings, especially at a time where I had to also think outside of the box with regards to keeping my business afloat.”

Mothusi shares that the app is now his preferred method of viewing as it accurately aligns with his lifestyle and  satisfies his key requirement when it comes to how he spends his money. “What determines how I spend my money, first and foremost, is value. The fact that I do not need to be seated on my couch at home to watch my DStv, is paramount in my decision to continue subscribing. I am constantly on the move, my work takes me everywhere, and the DStv app is a huge selling point for me which simply makes my life easier.”

‘’As a business, we are committed to putting the customer at the heart of everything we do,” says Shadi Linchwe, Head of Marketing for MultiChoice Botswana. “This commitment goes far beyond simply providing convenient payment solutions and innovative ways to consume our content. Where it creates the most positive impact is when we can see how our customers’ lives are better off through the product we provide.”

To learn more about DStv and check out some of Mothusi’s favourite shows including 90 Day Fiance (DStv Ch 131), Hell’s Kitchen (DStv 175) and MasterChef (DStv 102), visit


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