Tuesday, November 29, 2022

Local fashionista to launch vintage store

From bleached jeans that sit just above the waist, unique printed shirts, platform shoes made famous by the eighties era and antique accessories, it seems the vintage craze is a fashion trend that is here to stay. While many find it baffling that young people now pursue their grandparents’ closets and thrift markets for fashion inspiration, for those who admire this style, the look is a timeless statement. One person who is still enthralled by the eighties fashion trends is local fashion enthusiast Gasepele Moatshe, who plans to launch Gaborone’s first vintage store.

VintageÔÇöa term used to refer to the fashion style of the1920s, is now a word many young people use to describe anything that came before their generation. “Vintage is unique and has elegant quality. I wanted to sell clothes that I could wear also.  Also, this style of clothes allows people to express their individuality,” explains Gasepele on what inspired her venture. With a blooming counterculture in Gaborone, Gasepele and her partner Resego Lucas collaborated and capitalized on the niche to form her brand ‘Vint Swvg’.

Influenced by African fashion and everything with an artistic flair, Moatshe states that her interest in fashion was stirred by the artistry that is usually involved in putting an outfit together. “I consider myself highly fashion forward. I always have an artistic expression in all my outfits and I want others to share in that experience too.”

Speaking on her experience in the fashion market, she says the response has been welcoming: “I’m not a socialite or very well known in the industry, but people are showing interest. At the moment, we sell our merchandise primarily through social media and word of mouth. My partner Resego is building a brand called ‘Vint Co. Australia’ and it’s the one that is supplying all the clothes for my brand ‘Vint Swvg’.

Currently studying architecture at the University of Botswana, she mentions how she has to be mindful of both her passion and education. “I dream of living an independent life so I need to be educated to achieve it. Fashion is my passion so I try to balance my ambition on these two disciplines.” She adds that hard work and passion are necessary ingredients for success.

On her future endeavors, Moatshe aspires to have started her own clothing line of African prints blended with vintage. “Instead of ordering pieces, I want to design my own. It will also be great if we could expand to other parts of the country as well and make Vintage more than a trend but something everyone can identify with,” says the young entrepreneur.

For more on her latest collection “The Jungle Collection” which includes printed shirts and vibrant coloured blazers, visit her Facebook page Vint Swvg or call 71706335 for orders.


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