Sunday, August 14, 2022

Local man accuses Ministry of Foreign Affairs of protecting US Embassy against him

The Public Relations Officer in the Ministry of Home Affairs, Monei Rapuleng, has denied accusations by Douglas Seotlwe, a Sikwane man, who claims that he was unfairly dismissed from work by the United States Embassy.

Seotle has said the Ministry of Foreign Affairs has abandoned him by not accordingly serving the US embassy with an order to appear in Court, as is required by the Geneva Convention.

Dismissing the claims, Rapuleng said that the fact of the matter is that Seotlwe’s lawsuit was faulty in that he had sued the US Embassy and not the United States government.
Even the papers had not been served on time.

“His documents were faulty. He had sued the wrong institution. He could still not have achieved anything even if we had sued on time,” he said.

The Foreign Affairs PRO further said that they have told Seotlwe about this and even advised him to go and seek legal advice on the matter.

“We will happily help him if he can give us proper documents and not the ones he is serving a wrong institution with,” he stressed.

Seotlwe is complaining that the office has not helped him.

“They have abandoned me and left me to fight against the most powerful nation on earth,” he lamented.

Seotlwe claims that the embassy has failed to pay him for working on holidays and overtime and that the US employees had failed to appear in Industrial Court after they had been subpoenaed to appear.

A Public Relations Manager at the embassy, John Warner, had confirmed that they had not appeared because they were not served by Foreign Affairs as was required by law.


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