Thursday, July 18, 2024

Madi-Majwana gives saving and budgeting tips to low income earners in Botswana


When your income is limited, having a household budget is not only a good idea; it is imperative. Living on a budget might sound restricting or like too much work. However, having a workable family budget is actually quite liberating and simple. It puts you in charge of your money, rather than allowing money to control your life.

In Botswana, Madi Majwana – a radio drama series, which is a product of Barclays Bank in partnership with the Company at Maitisong, seeks to create awareness on issues related to spending and budgeting.

The series began five years ago in response to the many money related challenges that Batswana are facing according to the series producers.

Initially this project began with using theater, but over the five years has grown to include radio drama and debate.

This past week, some Batswana in the capital Gaborone got an opportunity to learn about the pitfalls of improper spending through an innovative Madi Majwana approach.

During the launch of the documentary, Minister of local government and rural development, Pelonomi Venson-Moitoi said, “Through this artistic interrogation of money related problems, the project unearthed a deeper understanding of the problems and evoked dialogue around the matters in question.”

She also said through the use of a stage play and radio drama adopted stories taken from real life experiences by Batswana, discussions began and audiences became more aware of the complexity of money issues and how they can find solutions to their financial problems.

Adding that Madi Majwana has shown that the creative arts are a powerful tool in educating and empowering audiences and participants as they is growth in the sector and all those in the production.

“There has been a great transfer of skills and knowledge in regard to theatre and radio mediums. This is a great achievement because the creative industries are a largely untapped sector in terms of their contribution towards the country’s economy and should therefore be given continued support and opportunities to develop and grow,” she said.

Still, Managing Director of Barclays Bank Botswana, Reinette Van Der Merwe said every season, Madi Majwana creates employment for a minimum of 40 to 50 individuals and overall Madi Majwana has created employment for over 300 individuals.

She says from that figure 9 to 10 of the newly employed form part of the stage cast and are trained in theatrical and drama performance.

Further she mentioned that Madi Majwana has engaged over 6000 people through the stage perfomances held during the roadshow and tour.

“It is worth noting that the Company at Maitisong and Barclays Bank Botswana have been taking Madi Majwana to the people of Botswana by going on country tours to places like Ghanzi, Maun, Nata Kasane, Makalamabedi, Kang to mention but a few as to create a platform where the public can discuss their relationship with money without fear,” She said.


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