Sunday, June 23, 2024

Magistrate and prosecutor in war of words

There was ┬ádrama in court this week when the Extension II Magistrate and ┬áthe prosecutor from the Directorate of Public Prosecution engaged in a quarrel for ┬áthe prosecutor’s non attendance in previous court sessions.

The war of words erupted when Magistrate, Taboka Slave, demanded the prosecutor, Ame Moremi, to inform the court as to why she should not be remanded in custody.

The magistrate had issued a warrant of arrest against Moremi after she failed to appear before the court in a rape case that she is prosecuting.

When responding to the magistrate, Moremi stood with her hands in her  pockets and informed the court that there was a miscommunication that led to her missing the court session.
However, the magistrate shook her head and told the prosecutor that she was not giving a satisfactory answer.

The magistrate further pressed her to explain to the court why she should cancel the warrant of arrest that she had issued against her after failing to appear before the court.

Moremi told the court that she was speaking on a professional note when she was informing the court that there was miscommunication.┬á The prosecutor further explained that she did not appreciate the magistrate’s tone but the magistrate insisted that she needed an explanation from┬á her.

“Remove your hands from your pockets. I am not satisfied with your answer. You can’t just say you were not here because there was miscommunication. I have the right to remand you in custody because you fail to give a satisfactory explanation. You don’t come to court and put your hands in your pockets and fail to explain why you were absent when the accused appeared in previous appearances,” Slave said.

The magistrate warned her to desist from her behaviour and pointed out that she was concerned that it was becoming a norm that the DPP  prosecutors fail to appear in courts.

Slave stated that the prosecutors’ behavior was seriously affecting the accused persons who want their cases to be resolved before the courts.

She cancelled the warrant of arrest against Moremi after she warned her to desist from her behavior of absconding from court sessions.

A warrant of arrest had been issued against her after she failed to appear in a case in which Bena Katsana of Old Naledi is facing a single charge of rape.


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