Monday, June 24, 2024

The Real Magosi launches Di Gorogile Dikgosi!

The Real Magosi is a local hip hop (motswako) group which hails from Broadhurst in Gaborone.
They are made up of four members, namely Lance (Ciedoman) Bartlett, Karabo (Moruti), Mojadife, Keabetswe (Teknoize) Ragalase and Kabo (khabba khabba) Koontse.

The Real Magosi managed to attract a huge fan base and grew popular by battle rapping Botswana household musicians.

The latest Real Magosi album cover is completely different from what many people had expected from the talented group.

The Real Magosi’s latest album, titled Digorogile Dikgosi, meaning ‘the chiefs have arrived’, is a much more mature album in terms of content.

Instead of wearing torn jeans and t-shirts, which is what many people expected, the group now appears to be wearing gentlemen’s suits. Mogakolodi Motswagosele, a.k.a, Mogwax Motswax, the group’s photographer, says the album cover was inspired by the new one-hundred pula note.

“We did most of the photo shoots at the museum,” he said. “The idea/concept was a kgotla set up and we wanted the same feel in terms of respect, dignity and integrity that surrounds a kgotla. That was the closest we could get to a real kgotla situation.”

Former Wizards of the Desserts member and now Real Magosi’s manager and mentor, Coach, says they wanted to enter the corporate world with this album.

“The group is now ready to take up bookings for corporate events, which is high time because they have matured; most of them are already or are becoming fathers.”

Most of the tracks on the album were produced, mixed and mastered by the groups beat maker, Teknoize, who was working alongside Mr Benjamin Black.

The album has 15 tracks. It includes street bangers such as Touch, which is track 2 and Engoma which is the third track. The album was recorded at different studios. This includes well known multimedia facilities such Virgin Brew and Ruf Ridims records in Palapye.

Other well known artists who feature on their latest offering include Motswako heavy weight from Mafikeng, Mr Mo Molemi who features on a track called ‘Motswako superstars’.

Their debut album, which was titled Borre Ba Kgwebo, featured some of their hit tracks such as Oyee, which enjoyed airplay locally and internationally.

The group started off as an underground group of battle rappers until they released their debut album in 2008, which was titled Borre Ba kgwebo.

Their debut album got them so much exposure and recognition that they went as far as South Africa. Oyee got massive airplay at South African radio stations like Jozi Fm, Khaya Fm, Motsweding Fm, Y fm and Metro Fm.

Kabo ‘Khabba Khabba’ Koontse, a band member, says radio stations like Yarona Fm then approached them.

“They came crying for a jingle, which is still receiving massive airplay on the country’s youthful radio station,” he said.

Lance ‘Ciedoman’ Bartlett, a.k.a. Modiratiro, says their album is one to look forward to for the rest of this year.

“It is available country wide and people must look out for their events on street banners and on television and radio.”

Karabo’ Moruti’ Mojadife, another member, says, “I’ve got high hopes that this album will do well since lately we are not surrounded by controversy, which usually sells, just not in Botswana.”

The album has good sound quality. It sounds well mixed and mastered. It’s definitely one to play in your car, at home or at your work station.


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