Monday, July 4, 2022

“Moupo should stay until 2010” – Mohammed Khan

The Botswana National Front Secretary General, Mohammed Khan, says the party’s Leadership Forum does not have the mandate substantive enough as to come up with far reaching binding decisions.
This was after the Leadership Forum met in Letlhakane and resolved that party leader, Otsweletse Moupo, should resign immediately.

In an interview with Sunday Standard, Khan said the best that the Leadership Forum can do is to recommend.

He said other than that, they do not have a mandate. Only a small number of people attend the Leadership Forum.
He, however, said not only has the Forum gone out of its bounds, their resolution, if it was to be implemented, would also plunge the party into chaos on the eve of a General Election. He said internal chaos is the last thing a party going for elections needs.

“The Leadership Forum can only recommend. What will happen is that their recommendations will be passed to the Central Committee.”

But even before the Central Committee meets to discuss Moupo’s tenure as BNF President, Khan says his take is that Moupo will stay until 2010.

He says Moupo’s resignation would be detrimental and spell disaster for the BNF as it would mean, instead of focusing on the General Elections, people would direct their energies into leadership contests.

He said from past experience, such a resignation would lead to polarization and deep factionalism.

“There is no doubt that our President has his own personal problems. The biggest problem though is that people do not want to differentiate Moupo from the BNF,” said Khan.

He said, as Secretary General, he would be coming up with suggestions of how to politically assist Moupo as the party President attends to his personal problems.

“There is absolutely no way we can interfere on Moupo’s personal problems,” said Khan.

“As Secretary General, I am against Moupo stepping down at this very important moment. That would polarize the BNF and we would go into the elections as a bruised party,” he said.
Khan stressed the importance of helping Moupo on the political side of his life.
“We cannot interfere on his personal life. The leadership issue will only be addressed at the 2010 congress. We cannot afford to rock the boat more than it already has.”

The Secretary General said he is worried at the extent at which the BNF has lost direction.

“This is very unfortunate. It would seem like everything in the BNF is now centered on so called Moupo issues. We have lost the direction of the party. We have to be very careful. I am beginning to suspect that some of our members are actually sponsored by BDP to create internal problems ahead of the elections,” said Khan.

He said while he is not favouring Moupo, he has a duty, as Secretary General, to ensure stability.
“Let’s focus on 2009 and leave Moupo alone,” said Khan.


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