Thursday, April 25, 2024

Mai Zee: From breakthrough to collaboration with Charma and more

In the bustling world of gospel music, one name is swiftly rising to the forefront: Mai Zee, also known as Mary Mhiribidi Zinyimo. With a journey that began in 2017 and a breakthrough into the music scene in 2019 in Zimbabwe, Mai Zee has been making waves with her soulful melodies and uplifting lyrics.

Her collaboration with Zolasko Vatsay in Botswana yielded the hit song that was crowned the gospel song of the year on Radio Zimbabwe in 2022, marking a significant milestone in her career. Mai Zee’s dedication to gospel music shines through in every note she sings, and her passion for spreading positivity and faith is evident in her work.

Recently, Mai Zee embarked on a new musical venture with none other than Charma, another prominent figure in the music industry. The collaboration came about organically when Mai Zee expressed her desire to work with Charma to one of her producers, who happened to have connections with Charma’s team. Before they knew it, the song was in the making, and Mai Zee couldn’t be happier with the outcome. Describing her experience working with Charma as one of the best things that has ever happened to her, Mai Zee is eagerly awaiting the launch of their video, adding another milestone to her growing list of achievements.

Looking ahead, Mai Zee envisions even greater things on the horizon. She shares her aspirations to collaborate with esteemed artists such as Han-c, Vee Mpeezy, and Slizer, as well as fellow gospel musicians, further expanding her musical repertoire and influence.

Beyond her musical career, Mai Zee is a devoted wife and mother of four children, finding strength and inspiration in her family as she navigates the highs and lows of the industry.

However, even amidst her successes, Mai Zee acknowledges the challenges she faces, as expressed in Nigel Motlogelwa’s heartfelt piece “Moyo Wakaruza.” The singer opens up about her disappointment in encountering ungrateful individuals, a sentiment that resonates deeply with many in the industry. Yet, Mai Zee finds solace in her faith, turning to God to heal her broken heart and guide her path forward.

As Charma reminds her, true fulfillment comes not from earthly validations but from calling upon the divine. With her unwavering faith and determination, Mai Zee continues to inspire audiences with her music, spreading light and hope wherever her voice reaches.


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