Saturday, March 25, 2023

Major Moves Comedy reaches out to youth

Motivated by the Economic Stimulus Package, Major moves Comedy has lined up a series of events which are expected to entertain and educate the youth this festive season. The events are strictly about comedy and will host different comedians who will be showcasing various styles of comedy.

Gaolatlhe Kediemetse the events coordinator said, “Our events are the opposite of mocking the Economic Stimulus Package, but rather encouraging the youth and everyone else to seriously consider what they can benefit from the ESP”.

While the public patiently waits for the full roll out of the program, Major moves Comedy will be doing their part to sensitise and educate the public on how they can benefit from such a package. “As you know or may not know, putting together such a production involves so many people from those providing ground transport, sound system, advertising, accommodation, venues, security, performers etc. Now imagine how many jobs can be created when we include video crew, photographers, travelling journos etc,” the well informed Kediemetse highlighted.

Major Moves Comedy has a series of events that they have partnered with established music events as a way of introducing comedy to the masses as an alternate form of entertainment. They will host the 2nd Annual Home Coming Comedy night at Cresta Mahalapye on the 25th, then the 1st Annual My Maun experience Comedy night at Cresta Riley on the 27th and finally the 1st Annual Gamaila Festive Comedy Night in Kanye on the 30th. All events are in December 2015.

New comedians will be introduced at every event, while raising awareness of standup comedy as another form of entertainment, as well as providing a platform where aspiring comics can sharpen their skills through workshops. This will be done before the event and they will have an opportunity to show case their talent alongside professional and seasoned comics.

“These events are different from the previous ones because they are headlined by our local stars who have had a great year and even managed to get a standing ovation in South Africa, and the other difference is adding more upcoming comics to the lineup,” said Kediemetse.

The event is headlined by Major moves Comedians 2015 Presidents Day comedy Champion Oefile ‘Mawee’ Mokgware, Phenyo ‘The Master’ and Queen of Comedy Rekunde. They will be supported by Boniface, Katlo (K-lo) and Zozo who have been working with Major Moves Comedy on several shows. ‘For Mahalapye we have veteran broadcaster and DJ; Owen Rampha also known as Mr O, as he will host and showcase his humorous side,” noted Kediemetse.

The events will be set up in a style similar to that of a cinema, with the right lighting and ambience to ensure patrons enjoy the events. “In terms of security, fortunately the comedy crowd is always the most well behaved and also because they come and sit down, we have never experienced any security problems,” expressed Kediemetse. 


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