Friday, September 30, 2022

Comedy duo moves to new home

Ribcracker and MOD, the two Maitisong comedy club comics who have remained active since the club’s inception last year in June, have officially broken away from the club that helped cut their teeth as stand up comedians.
The two have enlisted a manager and launched their own club, “Laff a lil’, laff a lot” comedy jam.

Ribcracker, whose birth name is Bafana Letsatsi, turned up with the club’s manager, Boraro Moseki, to publicise an upcoming show at Mantlwaneng that will see Ribcracker and Modiri ‘MOD’ Keseabetswe, who won best comedian at the Presidents awards earlier this year, perform under the ‘Laff a lil’, laff a lot’ banner, and hosting South African comic Chris Mapane.

The show is scheduled for the 22nd of November at the Mantlwaneng auditorium at Westwood and will be followed by a Valentine’s show, the venue of which is yet to be publicised.

These shows follow the duo’s residence at the Sportsman Bar, at the President Hotel, which ended after irreconcilable differences with the pub’s management. “We are currently open to other caf├®’s interested in hosting comedy nights,” Ribcracker says.

His manager, Moseki, adds that what the two have lacked in the past is a strategic plan. “Which is why they have held shows sporadically, we are currently working on finding a monthly venue to hold shows every month,” he said.

Ribcracker alleges that when Gao Lemmenyane who founded the club left Maitisong, that was the end of the Maitisong Comedy Club.
Under the new club, the comics intend bringing in new recruits whom they will train and send to established comedians for mentoring.

Other projects in the works are a 13 episode series under negotiation with Gaborone Broadcasting Corporation. Ribcracker reports that the 7-episode footage that they had recorded for Botswana Television was never broadcast because it was deemed too political.
“After editing out what they believed was controversial, all that was left was two episodes,” said the comic, adding that he is grateful for the open market in broadcasting.

As for their material, Ribcracker says they do not intend to lighten up on their topics because that is the essence of stand up comedy, “Unfortunately, someone has to be the brunt of the jokes,” he says rather unapologetically.

“We do not insult our subjects or use swears words, maitseo ke selo sa ntlha,” he said. He recommends that people view them as they would a satirical cartoon or column in the newspaper. “Comedy is meant for laughter,” he said.

“We also hope that people also keep an open mind. We have had people come to our shows expecting material similar to Chris Rock’s. We have unique styles and strengths,” says Ribcracker. “My partner MOD thinks on his feet, he engages the audience easily, speaking directly to them. While I do a lot of somersaulting of everyday mundane objects and issues.”

Laff a lil’ Laff a lot’s guest, Chris Mapane, on his Myspace page, reports that he is observant and takes in everyday life, which is not funny till he says it.

Tickets cost P100 and are available at 74515191 and 72863607.


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