Saturday, December 2, 2023

Major projects to boost economic activity in Maun, Chobe

Capital development projects such as maintenance works in the Maun-Toteng road, the Maun water supply and sanitation project as well as construction of Kazungula Bridge have been identified as potential trade and economic boosters for the Maun and Chobe areas.

The infrastructure development projects will assist in reducing the cost of doing business in the areas, improve competitiveness and attract more investment in Chobe and Maun. Speaking at Stanbic bank’s budget review dinner in Maun on Wednesday, Motswedi Securities Financial Analyst, Garry Juma said the road maintenance works between Maun and Toteng, as well as the water and sanitation project are labor intensive and will therefore result in direct job creation.

“Although we don’t have information on the actual budget allocation for these projects, we anticipate that they will create jobs for residents of this district. The projects will also create additional opportunities for businesses that are involved in the supply of materials and equipment within Maun and surrounding areas.  Professional services such project design, project management and so forth will also be needed and we remain hopeful that they will in turn contribute directly to employment creation,” said Juma.

He further noted that the Kazungula Bridge alone is a complex and massive project that will attract many professionals who will be travelling to the site on a regular basis to oversee the project.

“They will need food and accommodation services, which will be sourced from local lodges and hotels,” he said.


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