Monday, April 22, 2024

Puma Energy opens in Maun in attempts to revamp economy

Puma Energy has launched a new aviation facility at the Maun airport, which is expected to bolster efficiencies in transportation and propel the tourism sector in Botswana.

A tourist capital of Botswana, Maun has a huge influence as the country’s gateway to the world with the P27m fuel storage facility to go a long way in creating the infrastructure and ability to grow the tourism sector.

Besides that, the facility is expected to sustain the lucrative hub Maun has become over the years.
“As Puma Energy our business philosophy is premised on efficiencies and making a difference where we operate. This is made possible by countries such as Botswana, which are globally acclaimed as ideal investment destinations,” said Christopher Zyde, Puma Energy Africa Chief Operations Officer during a tour of the facility on Thursday.

“The peace and tranquility in this country, the strong work ethic, which is embroiled in Batswana’s culture and sound economic policies explain the nickname ‘the Beacon of Hope’ in Africa,” said Zyde. “Beyond economic emancipation and windows of opportunity, lies the source of national pride in the beauty of these lands. Maun has become the capital of the nation’s beauty, the interface between Botswana and the rest of the world. Building capacities to ensure this part of the world is better placed to service its clients mostly tourists effectively is a small step for Puma Energy but a giant leap for the industry at large.”

With an enhanced capacity and four kerbside fuelling pump stations that can fuel up to seven aircraft simultaneously, the storage capacity is strengthened by two 20 cubic metres Jet A-1 and one 10 cubic metre Avgas refuellers, which bring the total capacity to 206 and 176 cubic metres for Jet A-1 and Avgas respectively.

Beginning three years ago, Puma Energy Botswana is building on the backbone of strong infrastructure, an in-depth understanding of the industry propelled by a new vision, which the leadership has set on their minds to make a difference in the country’s economic fortunes.
“The idea was to enhance Botswana’s industry. We were asking ourselves how best we can transform the face of the energy industry,” said Puma Energy General Manager, Mahube Mpugwa, adding that their market business pivoted around perseverance and ambition.

In full operation since January 2011, Pula Energy employs about 700 Batswana at the head office in Gaborone and another 600 through retail filling stations at Puma Energy franchise.
Tapping into global network with a presence in 30 countries, the company employs about 50 000 people world-wide with access to unlimited resources and ideas.

“Our staff is exposed to international best practice and know-how. Our clients have access to the world’s best practices through our footprint nationwide,” Mpugwa said, adding: “At Puma Energy we believe in synergies where the best of global ideas can be analysed and applied where possible.”

Puma Energy provided services to Michele Obama when she was on an official visit to Botswana.
“Specific to the aviation industry, the facility we are commissioning today and the plans to increase storage capacity at Sir Seretse Khama International Airport in Gaborone ÔÇô demonstrates our commitment towards addressing of the security of supply for this landlocked country and this mitigates against any constraints along the supply chain,” Zyde said, adding that their move demonstrates efforts in promoting tourism and the economy at large.


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