Wednesday, July 17, 2024

Majwe Mining boss urges students to work hard to achieve greatness

Majwe Mining Project Director Rod Fraser has urged school going children in the diamond mining town of Jwaneng to take risks if they are to succeed in this current world of high unemployment.

Under the government Adopt-A-School programme, Majwe Mining Joint Venture took heed to government calls and decided to sponsor Jwaneng schools to nurture and shape students to become future and responsible leaders.

“To you students my message is simple – Live life to the fullest, reach out for the amazing potential that resides within all of you. Respect your parents, respect your teachers and respect your community leaders but have the courage to question everything,” said Majwe Mining Project Director Rod Fraser at the academic excellence awards ceremony.

“Ask how can you make things better, how can you make yourself better. Reject the mediocrity that causes us to dance in the middle of the table, reject it and dance on the edge of the table. That is where proper success truly lies,” Fraser said, adding “You will fall sometimes but if you learn from the experience, it doesn’t matter, just get back on the edge of that table and dance again.”

Exceptional academic performance including sporting activities saw the students walk away with prizes including study tables and bicycles to carry them to school.


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