Sunday, June 23, 2024

Majwe Mining Joint Venture donates porta cabins to Mabule

Majwe Mining Joint Venture set aside mining business operations recently to assist in the fight against HIV/AIDS pandemic in Mabule Village, donating porta cabins to the area for use by the residents.

Serving several villages in the vicinity, Mabule Clinic is overwhelmed, with patients on ARV also bearing the brunt of having to travel long distances for consultations at Goodhope, which is 120kms away.

It is a strenuous and very costly exercise for both the community and the government as some patients needed to be regularly transported to Goodhope for their medications and checkups.

The long distance that had to be travelled had a potential of some patients defaulting on their treatment.

“Member of Parliament Mephato Reatile alerted us about the un-dignifying situation here in Mabule; we never looked back in extending our helping hand,” revealed Majwe Project Director, Ian McRae, at the handing over of the porta-cabins.

“We are convinced that these porta cabins will go a long way to restore the much needed and deserved Dignity in the communities of Mabule and surrounding villages,” he added.

With office furniture, 4 tables, 6 chairs and 4 cabinets, the porta cabin will be used for HIV/Aids and ARV program.

Mabule Clinic serves Tshidilamolomo, Mabule, Banyana Farms Mmakgori and Leporung with the new facility expected to bring services closer to the people.

Majwe Mining Joint Venture is a combination of Leighton Africa Botswana, Basil Read and Bothakga Burrow Botswana.

It provides mine scheduling, drilling and blasting, which the company temporarily set aside for a day to extend a helping hand to the community.


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