Tuesday, April 23, 2024

Malebyereleases book titled ‘The uncommon woman’

When one meets LebogangMalebye, the author of a motivational book called ‘The uncommon woman’ for the first time, one thing that strikes the most about her is not only her petite body but her age. But within seconds one immediately forgets her age as she talks like a mature adult who has seen it all.

She is only 21 and yet has managed to prove that age is nothing but a number when it comes to making ones dreams come true. One thing very noticeable and admirable about her is the clear voice she has when she talks about issues close to her heart, one of them being women issues. She chose to tell her story in a book.

Malebye says she started writing the book in June early this year after realising that there are a lot of issues that lots of women go through that needs to be shared with the world. “I believe women all over the world are scared to come out and be the difference. I believe each woman has all the capabilities of achieving whatever they want to as long as they put their mind to it,” she says.

She says that as a young woman she has noticed that women sometimes cannot handle themselves and at times find themselves caught up in uncommon things that later put them in trouble or depresses them. “I told myself that what better way to address those issues than through writing, so I decided to release my book this year so that it helps in sensitising women all over as I believe it is my calling and responsibility to help in building another woman’s confidence,” she says.

Malebye quickly points out that people should not judge her book based on her age. She says age should not be a limitation. Adding that she believes writing is her calling and as such she will continue with it. “When I wrote this book, I did all the necessary research that were required, I interviewed a lot of people not only women and then I used my experiences as well as my friends and family’s experiences to make the book have more life in it,” she says.

She says that she is best known as a motivational speaker in her community inRamotswa where she stays. She says she also leads a youth group in her church where she gets to advice other people on how to best solve their problems. “It is through this group that I realised but mostly was encouraged to put something in writing so that I share with other people in the country who are not part of my group,” she said.

She encourages people of all different ages to buy the book as it addresses real life issues that affect everybody one way or the other. “Women of different ages will find my book very useful as I have catered for all ages, men will also find it appealing as I offer advice on how they can best handle women or motivate them as their partners, sisters or mothers,” she says.

Malebye says throughout the making of this book, she was mentored by father AkofangMantu who not only acted as a mentor to her but also as a teacher and father figure. “I am so thankful to have been blessed with a great pastor who made sure I excel in what I do and who has always encouraged me to be the best I can be and spread my wings. He has thus far been my rock,” she says.

The book is made up of 10 chapters that all address issues that women go through. Malebye says she is now currently working on her second book which will be dedicated to men and will be titled ‘The uncommon men’.

Her advice to aspiring writers is that they should start following their dreams now as it is never too early to start.


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