Wednesday, October 4, 2023

Former nurse writes book to uplift lives

Mpho Gaopelo, a 29 year old former nurse at Nyangabgwe Referral Hospital in Francistown has written a motivational book as part of his efforts to motivate and change lives. Titled “The Glory living Inside Man,” the book has six chapters that are set to help people realize their dreams and explore their talents and potential.

Speaking to The Telegraph last week about his book, the young author who hails from Bobonong village in the Central District said that he was compelled to write his motivational book after realizing that many people do not explore their God given talents and potential. Gaopelo who is also a staunch Zion Christian Church (ZCC) member said the book seeks to uplift lives by giving people food for thought, empowering them with life skills and helping them find their true potential and knowing themselves better.

“When God created mankind, everyone was blessed with a gift. The problem is that people do not explore their strengths to be able to achieve their dreams and be successful academically, spiritually and even identifying business opportunities. A lot of people are wandering in the dark, they are clueless of who they really are. They tend to blame other people for their failures without self-actualizing and realizing their worth. As people we need to come to the reality that the decisions that we make in life dictate the lives we live. We are the drivers of our own lives. My book seeks to advice people on how to unlock their potential and achieve success,” he emphasized.

In its first chapter the book which he also nicknamed the “Success Magic” talks about the importance of physical senses?   He narrates in detail about the importance of utilizing ones physical senses to their best ability, be it the eyes, ears, nose, tongue and the sense of touch. He explained that these senses are valuable as they connect one with the world and reality. Gaopelo is also of the view that ignoring the power of sense can lead to one making misinformed decisions.

“The power of these senses is immense. It is only that some people have the problem of ignoring the messages that they receive through their physical senses. In this chapter I am trying to make them see the power of physical senses and how they can guide one to success,” he said
in its second chapter, the book touches on the importance of recognizing the power within. The writer emphasizes that there is a great power within every human being which needs to be tapped. He says the most important thing is to utilize that power to its maximum and be able to achieve one’s dreams and goals. Gaopelo goes on to explain that grasping that power can move mountains in one’s life despite challenges that exist. He adds that challenges exist in life to only make one stronger.

“It is sad that a lot of people fail to make it in life because they fear challenges. In the third chapter of my book I am talking about the journey of mankind on earth. I am trying to encourage people not to sleep on their dreams but try and find their purpose in life. They should realize that they exist for a purpose. One has to make hay while the sun shines as the famous adage. It is sad that a lot of people waste time and realize late that they failed to follow their dreams. Time wasted never returns,” he cautioned.
The book also has three other chapters, Disciplined Life which talks about the importance of discipline and success, The Path of Success and Opportunities to succeed.

Gaopelo is not new to writing motivational books, as he has another book to his belt which was published in 2013 and it is titled “The Transformation of a Wicked Man,” In this book he shares the trials and tribulations of his life leading to his way to finding God after living a life of alcoholism and drugs. On what inspired him to write, the young author told The Telegraph that writing is more of a calling.

“I have always been an avid reader but I never really thought I could someday write a book. My passion for writing developed over time as I also found my true potential. My plan is to transform lives for the better,” he said.
He also revealed that apart from writing, he normally holds motivational seminars in schools, hospitals and even prisons to try and transform lives. On who inspires him, he said that he looks up to world acclaimed motivational speakers and authors such as the late Dr Myles Munroe and the ZCC Bishop Dr Barnabas Edward Lekganyane.

Gaopelo is looking forward to opening a Personal Development and Leadership school in the future to try and train the aspiring business people especially the youth with business and life skills. In conclusion he said his new book costs P100.00 per copy and will soon be in various book shops.


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