Thursday, April 25, 2024

Mamelodi’s case put on ice again

Peace remains elusive at the country’s elite Premier League.

This is after the court case involving chief executive officer was postponed yet again.  

A series of court applications before Justice Paper Molomo of the Industrial Court has prolonged the case that started about five months.

The lawyers are engaged in law gymnastics hence the delay to conclude the case. In the latest stand-off, the Premier League has applied for a joinder in the case between Mamelodi and the BFA. 

The application is however being opposed by Mamelodi and his legal representatives. They are arguing that the Premier League does not have a stand as it still stands dissolved as per the resolutions of the previous BFA regime when it reinstated Mamelodi.

As a result, the court has mandated the Premier League to furnish it with the BFA constitution and the minutes of BFA National Executive Committee (NEC) that reinstated him. 

The court has also asked for the minutes of the BFA NEC that reinstated the Premier League Board.  In their application the Premier League is disputing the BFA NEC resolution to reinstate Mamelodi. 

In the main case before the court, Mamelodi is seeking the court to set aside a disciplinary hearing in which the Premier League Board accuses him of maladministration.

The BPL CEO, together with his Personal Assistant (PA) Mogolo Sekgwa were suspended by the board on the 26th of March early this year. 

Mamelodi did not take the suspension lying down as he then challenged the BPL Board’s decision at the Industrial Court. The BPL CEO contended that his suspension by the BPL Board was unlawful. 

However, in the days following the first court appearance, the BFA ordered the BPL Board to reinstate Mamelodi, an order which the board refused to obey. The refusal led to the suspension of the BPL board, a decision which is now under scrutiny as Mamelodi alleges the BPL Board cannot be party to the proceedings as they have not yet been reinstated. 

Mamelodi, who looked calm on Friday at the Industrial Court, was flanked by his elder brother Ashford Mamelodi and two elder sisters. The case will continue on the November 21st.


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