Tuesday, July 5, 2022

Man found with 16 cattle believed stolen

Old Naledi police are investigating a 34-year-old man allegedly found with 16 cattle believed to have been stolen.

The Station Commander for Old Naledi Police Station, Superintendent Titus Molatlhwa, confirmed the investigation on Wednesday, stating that they had taken the cattle from the man’s kraal to the one at the Kgotla at Tloaneng Village in the Kweneng District.

“Actually, the suspect will be charged with cruelty to animals while my police men continue with investigations,” Molatlhwa said. “They are engaged right now at that village; I just arrived from there and spoke to the chief.”

Molatlhwa said that what prompted the investigation is that the suspect has two kraals where he keeps cattle, one at the field and the other near his home.

He said that instead of using a dehorning iron, the suspect used an ordinary saw to dehorn the cattle, which were found bleeding.

“That is cruelty,” he declared.

Molatlhwa said investigations seem to indicate that the suspect may have more cattle that he stole hidden at other places.

There has also been a rumour that some truck drivers used to help in the deal by providing transport; he said they shall also be investigated.

“What I can say is that at the moment the information is still scattered,” said Molatlhwa.
He said the suspect was being held in police custody while investigations continue.


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