Monday, November 28, 2022

Man murders child then takes own life

Jwaneng Police are investigating the circumstances surrounding the death of two family members who were found dead in the house in which they were sleeping in.

Information passed to the Sunday Standard suggests that the twenty-four-year old man, the father to the five year old, apparently had some misunderstanding with his girlfriend and mother of the child.

It is this misunderstanding that is suspected to have led to the death of the two.

It is alleged that the girlfriend disappeared from Jwaneng for more than a week. The boyfriend then lodged a missing person’s report with the police that his girlfriend was missing from their home.

The police opened a missing person’s docket and started their investigations which later revealed that the girlfriend was in Gaborone.

It is further reported that the father then prepared a poisonous mixture that he allegedly put in a drink which he gave to the child and, later, which he himself also took.

It is this mixture that is suspected of being the cause of death for the two.

“We are investigating a case in which two people, a father and his child, were found dead in a house that they were sleeping in,” the Acting Station Commander of Jwaneng Police Station, Assistant Superintendent Meshack Dambusa, confirmed to the Sunday Standard. He said that both the deceased were found dead last week on Thursday in the Jwaneng industrial site where they were residing.

Dambusa said that although the investigations are still at an initial stage they strongly believe that the father could be responsible of his death and that of the child.

The two bodies are in the Jwaneng Mine Hospital mortuary awaiting post-mortems to determine the actual causes of death.

Dambusa revealed that sometime in January this year, a man also drank a poisonous mixture that led to his death after he had a misunderstanding with his partner.


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