Monday, July 4, 2022

Man pleads not guilty to three counts of murder

Last week, Gaotlhaolwe Gaobakelwe, a man facing three counts of murder, pleaded not guilty to the charges laid against him before Francistown High Court Judge, Tshepo Motswagole.

Gaobakelwe, from Borolong Village in the Francistown Administrative District, told court that he was not connected to any of the offences and that he was innocent.

The accused is alleged to have murdered his girlfriend, Keneilwe Ndolo, her two children, Kegomoditswe Ndolo and Kaone Ndolo, on the 17th of May in 2008.

However, giving evidence, one of the state witnesses, who is an uncle to the deceased, told court that on the fateful day, he had gone to build a toilet at his aunt’s yard in the late hours of the day when his aunt’s son brought a report to him that the accused was beating the deceased in their house.
He said that he then rushed to check on his niece to try and resolve the issue and, upon arrival, saw a man whom he could not identify vanishing in the dark, carrying a long object.

He said that he then chased after the suspect but could not catch him. The witness pointed out that he then went to one of his neighbours and asked him to accompany him in finding out if everything was fine with his niece.

“When we arrived at the deceased’s house the neighbour opened the door, and screamed having seen that Keneilwe and her two children were all lying in a pool of blood,” stated the witness.
He further said that after the discovery of the murders, the public had flooded into the yard and summoned the police who then took the bodies to the hospital.

He also stated that, among the victims, was the older son to the deceased who was in a critical condition. The villagers rushed him to the hospital where he was certified dead after a few hours.
Another witness, a neighbour to the deceased, indicated that she was at her home where she runs a sheebeen and the uncle to the deceased, Shephered Ndolo, came to her and told her that her niece has been attacked. She stated that when they went into the deceased’s hut, they found a horrific scene in which a baby was dead and still strapped on its mother’s back.

“The other child was still alive by then and we sought help from one of the villagers who whisked him to hospital where he also passed away.”

The witness pointed out that later on, the police came with the suspect who alleged that he had found someone in his girlfriend’s house and that the person is the one who had killed his girlfriend and the children.

The state is represented by Reneetswe Rabosotho and the accused is represented by Nkululeko Fuzwayo of Van Niekerk Attorneys.

The case continues as the state intends to call more witnesses.


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