Wednesday, July 6, 2022

Manase explains its “best erections” slogan

Dear Editor

With reference to the “below the belt” reader’s article, “the best erections” on page 6 – august 10th – 16th edition, I would like to

clarify the meaning of our slogan “the best erections in Botswana” with the following:

Indeed one should be proud of one’s profession, as are the 80 employee’s of Manase, hence ‘The best erections in Botswana’. Manase, established since 1998, is a well renowned Botswana fencing contractor.

Manase is proud of its quality fences, erected throughout the country,
offering safety and security to a wide variety of clients. Unlikethe doctors referred to in your ‘below the belt’ article, we do not require aphrodisiacs for our erections, but rather rely on the highestquality, excellence, or standing (best) to give our clients the products and services they require (erected fences). As for national competitions, we would happily rise to any challenge.



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