Tuesday, March 5, 2024

Mankgodi woman allegedly raped, stabbed

Police in Thamaga are investigating a 23-year-old man in connection with an alleged rape and stabbing which are reported to have occurred around midnight on Saturday.

The Station Commander for Thamaga, Superintendent Balisi Ntamba, said that the lady, a student in Malaysia who is home for the Christmas break, reported that she was coming from a bridal shower in Mankgodi in the company of a male friend who volunteered to take her half way.

Ntamba explained that the lady said that not long after their departure and having parted with the male colleague, she was raped and stabbed in both eyes.

“She has been traumatized and was unable to tell us exactly what had happened until today (Monday),” said Ntamba.

He said they went and arrested the suspect, being the boyfriend who had accompanied her from the bridal party.

He said that it is still too early to make conclusions because investigations are still ongoing.
Meanwhile still in Mankgodi, the police are investigating the nature of some bones which are suspected to be those of a human being.

The Station Commander said the bones were found by sand movers.


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