Friday, March 1, 2024

Woman sues government for medical negligence

A Mahalapye woman is suing the government of Botswana for a total of P300, 000 for pain and suffering as well as P70, 000 in medical bills.

This follows after a government doctor at one of the government hospitals had severed her ureter tract during hysterectomy operation.

The woman’s attorney, Mcbain Kaang, said the total of P370,000 that the woman is demanding follows from consequences of the pain she suffered as well as medical expenses she paid at Bokamoso after going there to seek professional medical help.

Kaang said that his client had suffered physical pain beyond doubt and that she was even advised by doctors to do light work, which, as a result of her being a subsistence farmer, renders her useless.

He said that this was because on account of the operation she was unable to engage in labour intensive activities and that at the age of 45 years she has had a tube inserted in her which might affect her sexual life.

Kaang added that the trauma that the whole operation had brought to her client was manifested in Court when his client gave evidence.

He submitted that even if assuming that the doctor was not negligent at the time of operation, there was further negligence before the operation as his client was pushed from pillar to post between numerous hospitals over a period in excess of seven months until she ultimately got professional help from Bokamoso.

Judgment in this matter has been reserved.


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