Monday, March 4, 2024

Marketing strategies workshop for small stock on the cards

The Department of Animal production plans to organise a marketing strategies workshop for small stock farmers.

The department of animal production which is under the Ministry of Agricultural Development and Food Security is mandated to make the livestock sub-sector competitive and reduce the country’s reliance on imports of livestock products that can be viably produced in the country.

In an interview with The Telegraph Ministry of Agriculture’s Central District public relations officer Nyane Seipetlheng said the small stock marketing strategies workshops are to communicate trends locally, regionally and internationally. They are meant to communicate signed agreements on small stock markets and their requirements and pave way for development of organized market channels.

“We have realized that Batswana sell for LIMID and there is no available market for their small stock. There are also no slaughter facilities. the type of animals we are going to talk about are sheep and goats,” said Seipetlheng.

Small stock is the production of goats and sheep for meat production, with its requirements mostly being a minimum land requirement of 2 hectares per goat/sheep per year.

On the importance of small stock to the country Nyane said: “It is very important because small stock is cheap to keep and does not require a lot of money. There must be a marketing strategy and people should learn that they can actually make money through small stock farming. Small stock provides both economic and social benefits to rural populace.

For the central district, Nyane shared the level of interest towards small stock production and consumption. She said “almost every family has small stock and it shows that people have keen interest in keeping small stock. As for consumption, small stock comes in handy during occasions such as weddings, funerals and even slaughtered during family gatherings.”

Earlier this Month President Masisi shared that through utilising the adopted Beef Cluster Model, government will be able to ensure its competitiveness, sustainability and give cattle farmers’ true market value of their product. The Department of Animal Production in Central district aims to do the same for small stock farmers in their region.

“So that we are able to market as a group. We come together as small stock farmers and have an organized marketing strategy since marketing individually will not yield desired results. We have unlimited attraction but the number of participants has been limited to 40. The workshop will take place from the 1st to 2nd December 2020,” Nyane said.

“We have a lot of small stock. When government buys we select those that are good for breeding. Those that we select against deplete the vegetation that would have been used by breeding livestock thus hampering their growth. We also lack marketing structures and strategies as small stock farmers,” Nyane said.


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