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Marry and have control over your woman…accused told his longtime lover is free as a bird, able to market herself

To be in love with the mother of your 13-year-old child thirteen is not a license to dog her movements around let alone to assault her as you have not tied the knot.

Giving judgment in a case of assault, Gaborone West deputy court president, Daniel Setshwane told Motsholathebe Ratsie, 36, of Bosididi Ward in Molepolole, that to have full control over Kebakile Kerebotswe was to walk down the aisle as that was the only way to stay away from problems.

“You have stayed with her for a long time without marriage and, as a result, she has given up. She has no strings attached, she is unmarried and free as a bird and able to market herself to find a suitable suitor. O go tlhobogile. She must have fun with friends,” he said.

The deputy court president continued his admonishment and said, “You go about doing some nasty things behind her back but she does not assault you. She does not refuse to sleep with you. But you prefer to beat her. If wishes were horses I would make solid clothing for these women to see where you men would get what you want from them.”

Relating facts of the case to the court, public prosecutor Bosena Motsele of Gaborone police station disclosed that on the morning of November 9, 2006, Motsholathebe visited Kerebotswe, his girlfriend for thirteen years, at her place of abode only to find she was not home. Upon confronting her, he was convinced that her girlfriend was up to something with another man and started assaulting her on her head with fists.

Kerebotswe, with her head injuries, went and reported the incident to the police resulting in the arrest of Ratsie.

The court found Ratsie guilty and sentenced him to four strokes on the bum.

Meanwhile a Zimbabwean male, Alfred Makoti, 31, of Gweru but residing at Broadhurst was also sentenced to four strokes on the bare bottom stealing moisturizing creams worth P428 at Molapo Crossing. The stolen items were exhibited before court and later returned to their lawful owner as per court order.

Constable Dingalo Ranku of Gaborone police station prosecuted.


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