Thursday, June 13, 2024

Mascom unveils multi million Pula Innovation Centre

Mascom Wireless, the leading cellular telephone service provider in Botswana, has unveiled its three-storey state-of-the-art innovation centre.

The $25 million (P180 million) highly modern facility is one of the country’s fresh investments in the telecommunication sector.

The Mascom Innovation Centre is a first of its kind in Botswana and consists of many features that will send warning to its competitors.

This facility is expected to serve as Mascom’s main Technical Centre. It comprises a state of the art Data Centre, with full redundancy, an Energy Centre capable of sustaining the facility in the case of a power failure, and an Office administration block.

Together, these systems support the continuous operation of the data centre’s computer equipment.
The design for a Data Centre is based on the specifications of the Uptime Institute in the United States of America, and their Tier Certifications, revealed Bonolo Gababotse the chief technical officer at Mascom.

“The innovation center is an endeavor by Mascom to provide world class services to its customers,” said Gababotse.

The Energy Centre accommodates all the mechanical and electrical support and back-up equipment, such as UPS plants and standby generators, diesel holding tanks, transformers.

He said the move would boost connectivity and deeper penetration into the countryside. The technical specifications of Data and Energy Centers, he said, ensure a design of the highest standard regarding safety, environmental impact, functionality and future expandability. “The new facility will provide 24hrs uptime ultimately improving efficiency to our customers,” said Gababotse.

However, Gababotse said they will keep on advancing in terms of technology because there is a competition in the market. He added that the other Mascom centers will augment the efforts of the new center.

To handle the significant flow of data and voice traffic into and out of the Innovation Centre, a 54m tower, has been constructed. “The cool tower is specially designed to fit in the environment,” revealed Gababotse. Regarding radiation safety, Gababotse said it is very safe and so far no complaints have been raised. The new facility is expected to be officially opened on the 12 July 2012 at Phakalane.


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