Monday, November 28, 2022

Masekela, Moruakgomo scheduled to perform at Botswana Craft

The 2015 Mascom Live sessions are back and this time they are bringing two music legends to the stage, South African Hugh Masekela and Local Socca Moruakgomo this coming Friday at Botswana Craft.

Notorious for their immaculate concerts which are always on time and giving second to none in terms of sound, time and overall performances; Jazz lovers should expect a stellar performance this time around. In a press statement from Botswana Craft it was stated that, this will be the 26th Mascom Live Session since they were started way back in March 2011. The first Session featured the late legendary Malefo Mokha Aka Stampore (1961-2013), may his soul rest in peace.

The statement further states that the whole idea of Mascom Live Sessions has been to contribute to the development of the appreciation of live music in Botswana. Many performing artists resort to using back tracks to avoid the high costs of working with a live band. That is why they believe that over the years the appreciation of live music has increased and the sector has developed. Live music is about passion, feelings, and emotions.  It is usually not an easy route; requiring immense work and rehearsal as a dedicated team effort.

This edition of the Live sessions brings on board one of the pioneers of Jazz, Hugh Rampholo Masekela whose CV boasts performances all over the world. Through his talent he has won the most coveted awards, a Grammy and has recorded over 30 studio albums during his illustrious career which began way back in the 1960s.

Masekela’s music also played an instrumental role in the fight against apartheid. During that time, his music was so influential in South Africa that at some point he went on exile until it was safe for him to return to his home in South Africa.

In the press statement from Botswana craft they stated that, “It is a real honour to feature the legendary artist Hugh Masekela. Hugh Masekela brings heritage to life, he is driven by a passion to express and celebrate the deep rooted culture of Botho, Community Spirit and Love found within Africa.┬áHugh performed at the second Mascom Live Session in April 2011 and we hope he will perform again and again until our souls are saturated with the sound of our heritage and cultural diversity.”

An equally colossal performer, Socca Moruakgomo will also serenade the music lovers at the event and will hopefully showcase some of the new material he has been working on in preparation for his latest studio album.

Jazz lovers should gear up and prepare for only the best this coming weekend for yet another giving of the Mascom Live Sessions.


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