Wednesday, July 17, 2024

Masisi up against Boko/Khama’s powerful international connections

As President Mokgweetsi Masisi faces off against Umbrella for Democratic Change (UDC) and Botswana Patriotic Front (BPF) election petitions, he finds himself up against Duma Boko and former President Lt Gen Ian Khama’s powerful international connections.So far the UDC and Botswana National Front (BNF) central committee have not meet to evaluate the elections and chart the way forward, and the ongoing campaign is being driven solely by international interests from a base in South Africa.

Controversial South African businessman Zunaid Moti who has ventured on a buccaneering campaign to capture Botswana and Zimbabwe is believed to be the invisible hand behind the series of election petitions filed with the High Court by the UDC and the BPF.Moti’s courtier who has been linked to the shady businessman’s power grab and Forensics for Justice founder Paul O’Sullivan has emerged as the principal promoter of the UDC and BPF petitions.

O’Sullivan who was hired by Moti to help him against his international arrest warrant addressed the international community with Boko and BPF President Biggie Butale from the SABC studio in South Africa last week, during which he revealed that he had lobbied a number of South African leaders against Botswana’s “illegitimate” government.

O’Sullivan revealed that they chose to launch their campaign from South Africa because they are targeting the international community.In his forensic report, O’Sullivan says he was tipped off before the election even happened on the 23rd of October 2019 that there were efforts to rig the election to favour the BDP. He decided to contact Boko to inform him of the information he had.O’Sullivan who once called Moti a “gangster” and a “thug” has also been linked to the Moti Group’s campaign to expand its business footprint out of South Africa through Lord Peter Hain.

The former British Cabinet Minister was advised by O ‘Sullivan before joining the Moti Group. O’Sullivan recently told the South African media that, “Peter Hain is a personal friend. He asked my advice on this, and I said he could go ahead with the deal with Moti with my blessing. I did my own extensive due diligence. The problem with Moti is that he doesn’t manage media very well. He’s his own worst enemy.”  O’Sullivan appeared beside Moti and Hain at the press briefing.As Special Adviser to the Moti Group of companies with a brief to help the group expand further into Africa and Europe, the British lord is believed to be at the center of Moti’s campaign to takeover Botswana and Zimbabwe. Lord Hain brings with him a myriad of powerful connections among them the British royal family.

The British press last year attacked lord Hain for exposing the Duke and Duchess of Sussex to controversy by inviting them to launch a Nelson Mandela exhibition co-sponsored by “a controversial business associate” Zunaid Moti.

The BPF which is part of the campaign is expected to rope in former president Lt Gen Ian Khama’s powerful international friends among them Bridgette Motsepe and American politician, diplomat, and activist Andrew Jackson Young Jr who was lobbied by Motsepe and Khama to back Venson Moitoi’s bid to oust President Masisi.Also expected to join the UDC/BPF corner are powerful tourism international interest which have in the past been harnessed to fight President Masisi’s decision to lift the hunting ban.


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