Monday, August 15, 2022

Masunga urges private sector to venture into ICT

Botswana Telecommunications Corporation (BTC) Group General Manager (commercial), Anthony Masunga, has called on the private sector to venture into information and communication technology (ICT) to expand its footprints abroad.

Officiating at the 18th Northern BOCCIM Trade Fair, Masunga implored the private sector to exploit opportunities presented by ICT to penetrate into the international markets.

“By venturing into ICT, the private sector can be able to market its products abroad. I strongly believe that through technology such as the internet, the local business community can be able to expose itself to the overseas markets,” he said.

Masunga said that technology, such as the internet, makes it easy for the entrepreneurs to sell their services and products in an efficient and quick manner, thus improving productivity. He said that countries like Finland and Sweden have exploited ICT opportunities to create wealth for themselves.

“Countries like Finland and Sweden have accumulated immense wealth through ICT, therefore you can follow suit,” he said.

Masunga also urged the private sector to utilize opportunities presented by the Economic Diversification Drive (EDD) initiative by government for their benefit. He said that the initiative creates a platform for the private sector to substitute the country’s huge import bill.

Masunga further lauded the EDD initiative saying that it promotes self sufficiency and consumption of locally produced goods and services.

“The EDD initiative also presents many advantages such as employment creation, import substitution and even opportunities for increased exports,” he added, praising BOCCIM for its commitment in working with the Ministry of Trade and Industry to identify opportunities within the NDP 10.

The Trade Fair was held under the theme, Opportunities of Economic Diversification amidst a recession.


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