Sunday, August 7, 2022

Maun hospital criminal syndicate busted

In what may be regarded as a major breakthrough, Maun police have busted a criminal syndicate that has been targeting the hospital for a very long time.

So far, two people suspected to be part of the syndicate are in police custody after they were allegedly found in possession of stolen goods that belong to the Letsholathebe Memorial Hospital.

“We have so far arrested two suspects believed to be part of the criminal syndicate that has for a very long time been stealing from the hospital items ranging from equipment and foodstuffs,” said Superintended Kenneth Kome of Maun Police Station.

He said the hospital lost its master key and that alone made it possible for the criminals to access the hospital.

Kome said one of the two suspects is the night watchman.

He said the hospital management had, several times, reported incidents that occurred at the hospital.

“We were unable to trace the culprits while theft incidents were still being reported,” Kome said.
The officer said that in the early hours of Sunday, while the police were on patrol, they spotted a suspicious motor vehicle and there was a police chase.

He added that the suspicious vehicle was lorded with hospital equipment, such computers, computer stands, food and other valuable items.

Police impounded two vehicles that were being used during the alleged theft.

The hospital superintendent, Dr Maxwell Mungisi, explained that between June and July last year the hospital lost a master key that led to the rampant theft of goods at his hospital.

He said since then, the hospital experienced many thefts until last Sunday when the police cracked open the case.

Mungisi said the hospital lost computers, cables, patients’ foods among other things and that he had always appealed to staff members to assist the hospital in recovering the lost master key but to no avail.

“What is sad is the fact that I was at one point accused of stealing the patients’ foods myself,” he said.

Mungisi said that he is relieved that the master key had been recovered and said that the situation would now go back to normal.


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